Blake Rudy is an aspiring writer with many unpublished works, and even more unwritten thoughts. Blake is the writer and editor of netslums.com, a personal blog where he posts all of his writing. You can find op-eds, movie reviews, videogame opinion pieces, and more on the site.

Blake is also the host of “Everyone’s A Critic”, a TV/film podcast and “We Can Fix You“, an advice podcast; he records both podcasts weekly with co-host Jeff Campbell. Both podcasts can be found on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Additionally, episodes of the podcasts are posted to BlakeandJeff.com under the categories “Everyone’s A Critic” and “We Can Fix You“.

When Blake isn’t writing or hosting a podcast, he can be found playing video games in his underwear or at Target buying packs of the newest Pokemon cards.

Blake lives in Dallas, TX with his two cats: Hoshi and Haru.

Links to all of Blake’s social media sites can be found at the bottom of this site.